Before completing your application for a grant, please make sure you have read the following guidelines which will help you complete the form. 

If you need advice or support to complete your application form, then please send an email to the foundation who will then contact you. 


The following information will be required to complete the application form.

Contact Details

Please provide all the contact details as requested. This will enable the Foundation to keep an accu-rate record of your organisation or group and help speed up the application process should we need to contact you by telephone or e-mail.

The contact details requested are of the person leading the project and a member of the Manage-ment Board and/or Trustee. This again will help make the application process more efficient should we need to contact you. 

About Your Organisation

In this section you will help us understand the structure and purpose of your organisation. You can tell us what you do and who is involved. 

About Your Project

Please describe the work and/or the project your organisation is proposing to do with a grant and exactly what you would do once it has been received. It is also very important you demonstrate how you have identified that this project is needed and who has been involved in your decision making process and who will benefit from the project. Also, what will happen with the young people following your intervention? 

Your Organisation Finances

This section will help us understand the financial position of your organisation and the impact the grant you have applied for will have.

Cost of Your Project

In these sections you are asked to provide a clear idea of how much money you need for your pro-ject and where the funds are coming from (eg, if you have applied to multiple funders). Please pro-vide a breakdown of the costs along with the timescales. You can attach an Excel Sheet to detail your budget to your application.